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Lick The Liberty Bell

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4 April 1984
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factoids about me
wenty something proud Albertan! I've always lived in Alberta and don't plan on moving, unless I buy some beautiful beach house on some tropical island. *winks* 2008 has been a HUGE year in my life, lots of exciting things have gone on. This past July Lee and I hit our 5 years aniversary. I cannot believe how quickly time has flown by. He's my best friend and I've been truly blessed. On April 28th we welcomed our beautiful baby girl, Ava, into the world. She's been such a joy and blessing in our lives and utterly perfect! *grins* I love life and firmly believe that we can all accomplish our dreams, we just need to take that first step.
geeks are ♥love♥
I love reading and have a constantly updating book list. You'll notice I'm a big fan of biographies, suspense/romance and fandom related books. I'm a geek and proud of it! And yes, I do own a few action figures, something my husband constantly teases me about. Love movies, especially musicals and classics! Some of my favorites are: JAWS! Wicked (my first broadway experience), On The Town, Singin' in The Rain (Gene Kelly is a favorite of mine), Hairspray, Birds, Psycho, Vertigo. Love to graphic design various banners, icons, wallpapers for different fandoms (VM, GG, SPN, BtVS, GA, FF, DA...etc). I love writing and will pretty much challenge my pen with anything. Editorials, drabbles (100 words) poems, lyrics, novels, short pieces... Joss Whedon pwns!
friending policy
I'm a fan of the filters, just a little FYI. All my posts are flist-locked, which means I need to add you as a friend for you to view them, you can request me to add you by going here. With that said, I'm also a fan of the comment button. It's a wonderful button that allows communication and interaction. What's the point of being on each others flist if we never leave comments? Don't be shy, I may love the movie JAWS but I don't bite and do want to get to know you.
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